What is Hip ?! Is a urban & popular musical media 

What is Hip ?! aims to visit different eras and musical styles sailing between jazz-rock-fusion-funk-soul-éléctro, with always the same want to groove and sound texture. 


What is Hip ?! it is a question of introducing to the broad audience a music known most often by initiated in an energetic and popular mode. Away from the mainstream pop, ignoring the conventions, 


What is Hip ?!  is fun, real encounters, unpretentious and joyful discovering of good music.It is a cultural agenda of the week's concerts in Brussels as well ; and guests every week.

What is Hip ?!  is played on the offbeat side of its presenters who have the art of handling surrealism while probing the un-agreed and the unsuitable. By waltzing the monotony of days, he transports us into a funny, second-degree and improbable universe.


Miguel Rwubu

Migou is a real jack-of-all-trades, curious about others. He’s also a songwriter who writes for himself as well as for other artists. As an anthropologist, he’s always been interested in human beings more than in pure profit. Talking about music, he’s looking for the groove before anything else. He also favours the warmth, sensual and swaying rhythms and has a soft spot for deep voices. His specialty finds its roots in hyperlinks between songs that he introduces and other “pieces of art” from the literature, cinema, even fine arts and natural science. Migou will always be an anthropologist who cares about creating bridges between cultures.

“Quelle putain d'émission! J'espère que vous ne perdrez jamais cette liberté totale qu'il y a dans What is Hip. Cette émission est géniale, je ne vois pas d'équivalent. “ 

Miguel Ruwbu


Het beste aan What is Hip, is, naast François’ kennis van de music scene, zijn vibe. Hij heeft een supersnel brein, iets dat ik enorm apprecieer in iemand waar ik moet mee praten. Zijn gedachten gaan een compleet andere richting uit dan de mijne, en dat is erg verfrissend. Er zijn al genoeg dingen die op mekaar gelijken in de wereld. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende radio jam.

Heidi Wang


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Julien Dispaux

You are between the ages of 15 and 98? You want to give the radio a try? To understand its functioning? You feel comfortable in public? Are you naturally extrovert? You are attracted in technique? You want a new challenge?


Our training “Life and radio technique” will get you interested. What is Hip organizes training sessions in radio hosting!


Join our training course for 5 sessions in our radio and mix with professionals of this field.


- Sound recording introduction

- Elocution abilities development

- Preparation and recording of subjects

- Interviews production

- Recording of one radio program

- Editing introduction

- Participation to one radio show


Hours: every Saturday from 1 to 3pm

Price: 25€/pers/session or 100€/pers for 5 sessions Inscriptions via mail: the number of participants is limited to 5 per session. Find more info on our Facebook Page

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